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Fuel Fees

The obvious rise in fuel costs are apparent to everyone. We restructured our rates to accommodate for this expense assuming $2.00 a gallon as our base rate. In order to be fair to all parties involved we have created a fuel fee that corresponds to the rise and fall of fuel beyond $2.00 a gallon. Our drivers average 10 gallons a day therefore every $0.10 increase equals a dollar a day increase. At $2.50 a gallon their expense  increases $100.00 a month. We simply cover that expense.

Example of Fuel Fee

Our fuel fee = .05% for every $0.10 increase in fuel costs.

Example Based on an invoice = $500.00

Cost of Gas       Fuel Fee%      Total of Invoice

   $2.20                  1%                $505.00

    $2.50                 2.5%             $512.50

    $2.80                 4%                $520.00